Deep from behind
I can't remember when I had it from behind, in sweet doggy-style last time? It must be long time, but I can't wait any longer, so if we are to have sex now I wanna my big fucker score me this way! When you'll see how we play in video-cam, you'll die wanting have it with your babe too!
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I know I'm naughty...
Beware - dangerous video inside. You can have heart attack or something worse, so if your nerves are weak, you better be careful ;) I play with my lover, suck him, he licks me, giving him my boobies to play with, he does it, sharing him my tight hole, he packs his dick into me and gives me hardcore pleasure. Hot!
Duration: 28.6 min
File Size: WMV HQ 343.00 MB WMV LQ 32.21 MB
I don't use silicon
Come in to see fine close-up of my melons in motion. You'll see that they are 100% real. I am talking about it cause I heard one guy today, he was talking to his friend and laughing of me telling that my boobies must cost very much. Stupid dick! He'd dream to have an access here :D
Duration: 3.0 min
File Size: WMV HQ 35.83 MB WMV LQ 3.37 MB
Happiness is easy!
Look, I just gave this boy my boobies to hold on a minute and he is immediately so happy. Girls have mysterious power to make guys feel crazy if they want. Interesting, why it doesn't work so well inversely ;) Anyway, you really should visit this gallery. I can't remember my breasts in bigger close-up that is here.
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My mommy should see it
My daddy too. This is the second of my most hardcore videos ever. I am getting strong fucking here. After I decided to make my own site, and score few pretty guys from Warsaw, I can tell you that polish lovers aren't so bad as they say about them! Just come inside and you will see one very talented. Damn... my poor ass ;)
Duration: 31.9 min
File Size: WMV HQ 382.07 MB WMV LQ 35.72 MB
You love big close-ups on my tits, I know, I managed to use to feel your look on my bust, and I have to agree that it’s nothing bad for me ;) This is my present for you guys, video of me playing with my bobbies especially for you. I asked camera guy to come as closest as he can and he made it well. I like this video, you too? Write me about it if you want!
Duration: 4 min
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Outdoor walking

Every cameraman knows that boobs look best from the bottom view. On pictures, movies, doesn’t matter, they looks gorgeous, cause the perspective makes them look bigger and heavier than in real ;) What about when model has natural huge and round boobies? It gives fantastic results and you should really see what I am exactly talking about! Do it inside, with my video, one of the best, outdoor, hot and amazing!

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Hardcore action

Now I wonder what for I made this nice make-up in the morning? Now it's all gone! This is how deepthroating usual ends ;) Like to see me getting this? And then giving blowjob? And getting deep drilled in the end? It's all here. Enjoy

Duration: 23 min
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