I'm Terry 34H, I am Czech model who loves posing and needs to feel guy's attention on me, as often as it's only possible. I won't disappoint you, check my files out, and be sure to spend your time well with me!

Last Updates:
From our ordinary life

Hello guys! This time you`ll see me and my crew in kitchen when we make dishes and sometimes we drink cafe or something else. This is how it usual is. We talk, laugh, and make jokes. Sometimes we play some innocence but a little bit things :) I like this life, would you want to be a part of it
Lick the nipple, please

I like nipple licking, really. If some soft tongue will touch them at least once and for very short - they both get bigger and harder, and when then this boy will touch me second time, my pink hole gets wet - now, try to guess what is going on when he lick me third time? Yes, youre absolutely right - we go bed, not to sleep for sure.
Jizz is tasty

I can understand you guys, that you rather dont want to taste cum, ok. But I cant understand girls who havent ever tried it and dont want to in the future. Why? Its tasty, there is less of it and some people say that its healthy too ;) Nothing but to eat it by spoon form the plate ;) Girls - try it out at least once!
Just like kitty

I know how cat moves work on you guys, I know how catwalk drives you crazy and I know why you call some babe Kittens ;) See how I make it and forget about any other chicks you know, they can learn of me, dont you think? ;) Take some tissues and see you inside!
Everything for fit figure

I know my figure isnt perfect slim so I work out often, always hard! I want you to see me doing it. You think its gonna help me? Or I should better enroll myself on swimming pool? Maybe in winter, but now I wanna train on the fresh air! Warning: hot surprise in the end ;)
Am I shameless?

I cant recognize this girl ;) Shes so opened and without even a shadow of shyness! If youd tell me five years ago: Terry, please, spread your legs and show me what you have there - Id shot you with one of my heavy boobs to kill as you stay ;) But things have changed…
Meet my little friend

This is toy I wouldnt ever show to my parents ;) reserved to the older babes only, children shouldnt play it ;) Watch as mature girls behave when they got horny and no ones home. If youre asking how often I use my dildo, lets say that very, very often ;)
Video Chat

Now thats hardcore!

This is probably the most hardcore thing Ive ever done. I beg God for my mom cant see this video cause Id be her daughter no more! What about daddy? Well, what yours would say if hed see you playing with plastic pussy and then with some big titted babe? In web? :)

Playing call girl

If Id be a call girl, Id have my entire wardrobe full of best clothes - to pleasure my lovers. Lets pretend that I really am and this is how Id visit you. Now tell me - would you like it? Tight shirt on my full bosom and cool stockings coming out of my too short mini… I think youd like me to come to you to play some ;) Maybe I should become a call-girl? ;)
Today little hairy ;)

Dont know how about you, but I like to be a little bit hairy there. It looks more natural I think, and some guys really like it, this one for example really loves me with soft hairdo between my legs ;) I want you to see me like this so I am gonna spreading my legs as wide as it possible now!
Carrying about my treasures

Because I think they are my biggest treasure, I care about my boobs very well. Warm shower, or bathtub, some smelling oils, best lingerie, and I am ready to go to room to my lover waiting for me on the bed and jerking himself off! Naughty boy, ha cant never wait, must play with himself before I come!
Are they bigger?!

Or I have menstruation or I dont know what is going on but it seems that my tits are larger today! They dont want to pack themselves up into my bra and t-shirt! Amazing. The funniest thing is that I shouldnt have it now… Pregnant? ;) No, Im joking :D

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