My pictures are cool, sure, but only in motion you can see how I really am. I cared abut that to have them in highest DVD quality only, I select everything we filmed and put here only these scenes that I like most and think that should attract your eyes and give some pleasure. I am sure that you'll like them all, it's not the end, we will film another episodes, this is just the beginning of all adventure so you can expect more and more, very soon. I hope that you'll see that from movie to movie, I am better and better in what I do, I try to be best I can and I expect full understanding and patience. Forgive me my shyness and small experience, everything will go but I need some time to get used to this all. Anyway, what exist already has my recommendation and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed of any single vide is here. I wish you to spend pleasant time with me inside, kisses!

My Movies
The softness of my boobs
Imagine you take my big boobies into your hands and play with them just as you like. No matter how long or how naughty, I`d agree on everything, cause I love when some naughty boy touches me, kisses and suck my nipples strong. I think they are big and soft enough to do everything with them. So, we play or not?
Like wild tiger
This is the dress that I wear when I want to seduce some guy in the city. Believe me that there is no man who wouldnt turn back to see me better when I walk around. Even if hes with wife of girlfriend. I must have interesting bottom ;)
An Angel has come down!
Look, the real Angel has come down the world to make sad people feel happier! She knows that men work here hardest so she’s focused especially on them :D She wears beautiful skirt and has huge boobs underneath it. If you ever feel bad, please, watch this clip again and again so you’ll find your best cure on it!
I am Cinderella
And thats how model ends when there is nothing more to do, vids and pics are ready, and someone has to clean the whole home up before another model come ;) Guys called me Cinderella, and yes, this is good name for me now I think. Ok. Lets back work ;)
Im playing with myself
Sometimes I cant have any lover so I have to care about my desires on my own. Yes, I do have few toys helping me when I am alone but sometimes I like to rub my tiny clit by my fingers only. All natural ;) Love this feeling.
If you like it funny
Come in to see another funny clip with me and my dear friends I work and sometimes live with. In spite of really hot scenes we make, I like these funny moments most. They make me want to live and do what I do. I guess that this is right to feel it this way?
I know Im naughty
Beware - dangerous video inside. You can have heart attack or something worse, so if your nerves are weak, you better be careful ;) I play with my lover, suck him, he licks me, giving him my boobies to play with, he does it, sharing him my tight hole, he packs his dick into me and gives me hardcore pleasure. Hot!
Healthy teeth and lung ;)
When some pretty chick owns large boobs, guys in Poland used to say that she`s healthy lung ;) It`s funny but I rather to hear in the street Look, she has damn healthy lung! Than Damn, I`d eat her boobs alive, how about you ;) I hope you know what I mean. Of course, when I`m alone with my lover, he can speak the naughtiest things, or whisper me them into my ear.

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